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The Kalori Group Founded Euclidic Systems, and seed financed this business from start up stage in 2017.


Euclidic has developed a hardware-based Software-As-A-Service platform for asset managers. This provides a one-stop shop robust tracking capability for owners of on-road and off-road assets, and simplifies compliance, safety and efficiency oversight.


The primary investment objective has been to deliver high-reliability, simplified services in an over-complicated sector. Euclidic continues its growth and development today, with services and offices across Australia and New Zealand.

The Kalori Group was a supportive investor in Brasserie Bread, initially as a non-executive Director from 2007, and from 2012 as a minority investor.


Brasserie was recognised as one of the first true artisan bread manufacturers in Australia and developed the capability to scale this labour-intensive business across multiple states and product lines. Ultimately, the business employed more than 270 staff in three states and created high-quality product with a sophisticated logistics point of difference.


The business was sold to a private equity investor in 2018.

The Kalori Group made a minority investment in Cap-XX in 2001, where the core investment objective was to productise cutting edge developments in super-capacitor materials.


This business pioneered manufacturing and form-factor enhancements which enabled supercapacitors to be deployed into many new applications. Breakthrough deployments included laptops, satellites, and battery powered systems.


Cap-XX listed on the London AIM exchange in 2006.

The Kalori Group led an investment group to take a significant minority position in Health Communications Network (HCN), which later re-branded as Medical Director, its leading product suite.


The primary investment objective was to shape medical reference content into decision support tools in front line medical practice. Over the years, MD created - and remains today - the market leader for practice information & decision support.


HCN listed on the ASX and was later acquired (and delisted) by Primary Healthcare.

Medical Director Logo.png

Other investments include HostWorks, packaging robotics company Unique Solutions, telecommunications companies Digitran (Netmoves), T3 Communications, and Mobile Innovations.

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